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Open book atop a rock on the edge of a lake surrounded by mountains and sky Writing as a Pathway Back to Self and Center CEXTN12-202240 is a Course

Writing as a Pathway Back to Self and Center CEXTN12-202240

Ended Mar 17, 2022

Full course description

Thursday, 2/17/2022-3/17/2022, 6:00pm-8:00pm PST

Instructor Nora Boxer

This 5-week live online course will take us back to the roots of why we became writers in the first place. Many of us (your instructor included) may have come to the practice of writing by journaling; by letting words guide us to deeper truths about our lives. Over time we (including your instructor) may have come to identify as "poets" or "fiction writers" or "memoirists" or "essayists"--which is all well and good!-- but sometimes, we start placing overemphasis on product over process; on identity over growth. These pandemic years have certainly shifted so much for all of us. Let's come together to go back to the roots of "writing as truth; writing as growth." Through guided prompts, we'll work with words to come closer to who we are, and to reconnect to ourselves as we emerge into spring 2022. We will also explore the interstitial space of how process does in fact become product, taking the raw material from our explorations and structuring it into polished piece(s) of writing. 

Workshops are taught online through Zoom and Canvas. Students will need a computer or smart phone with webcam and microphone, internet and web streaming capacity, and the Zoom application installed to their device

Instructor Bio: 
Nora Boxer is a fiction writer, poet, editor and educator. Boxer has taught creative writing workshops with City Extension for six years, during which time she gained a huge following of students, many repeating the workshop time and again. Boxer lives in Milwaukee where she is pursuing her PhD in creative writing and teaching in the undergraduate department. To learn more, please visit her website at