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Table and bench on a moving train Photography & Visual Authorship CEXTN36-202140 is a Course

Photography & Visual Authorship CEXTN36-202140

Feb 24 - Mar 25, 2021

Spots remaining: 17

$130 Enroll

Full course description

Instructor McNair Evans

Wednesday, 2/24/21-3/24/21, 6:00pm-8:00pm

Both beginning and experienced photographers are welcome in this workshop, where we will study the fundamentals of visual language and further develop our artistic voices. A portion of each workshop session is reserved for studying the process and principles of design as they relate to photography. This study will provide a shared understanding and vocabulary with which to discuss various photographic artists and their work as well as each other's images.

Each 2-hour session will consist of a 1-hour presentation plus 1-hour of exercises, participant presentations, and guided group discussions. We will work together to identify and articulate our individual artistic purpose to better understand our creative decisions. Together we will foster growth and development of all participants, regardless of prior experience.

Materials list: Personal digital camera and a small notebook or journal.

Workshops are taught online through Zoom and Canvas. Students will need a computer or smart phone with webcam and microphone, internet and web streaming capacity, and the Zoom application installed to their device. 

Image credit: McNair Evans, from the series In Search of Great Men