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Mindfulness: yoga, meditation and art for well-being CEXTN12-202340 is a Course

Mindfulness: yoga, meditation and art for well-being CEXTN12-202340

Feb 23, 2023 - Mar 23, 2023

$115 Enroll

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Mindfulness: yoga, meditation and art for well-being

Thursdays, 2/23-3/23/2023, 6:30-8:00pm

Location: Chinatown/North Beach Center, room 402

Instructor: Aubree Gilbert

For 5 weeks we will explore a combination of mindfulness practices as a way to pause and take time for self care. Practices will include creative expression (writing/art prompts), somatic movement (yoga), breathing techniques/ guided meditation and community building. Participants will learn customizable tools for building stress resilience, emotional intelligence, self awareness and healthy habit building. Participants will learn bigger energizing practices as well as gentle and restorative practices. This class will look like your standard all levels yoga class with a little extra insight into the benefits and more exploration. The goal is to build awareness of the way our bodies hold on to our emotions and how we can make mindfulness an on-going practice to promote self regulation and resiliency for physical and emotional wellness. We will meet in person once a week. Students will need a notebook and a yoga mat and a blanket for some sessions.
Required materials: notebook, yoga mat (can buy at target-$21.99, Costco-$14.99 or online) suggested: blanket for restorative practices
Instructor Bio: Aubree Gilbert is a trauma-informed mindful yoga, meditation and art coach specializing in mindfulness for mental health. Aubree teaches in schools and juvenile detention centers around the Bay Area working with youth, social workers, correctional officers as well as experience teaching in studios and gyms. Aubree works both 1:1 and in groups to educate people on the impacts of stress, how to be with and process emotions and build healthy habits through Mindfulness/Yoga. Her trainings include but aren't limited to Niroga Institute: Center for Mindful Stress Resilience, The Prison Yoga Project, The Art of Yoga Project, Yoga Tree and more. Aubree is passionate about holding space for people to learn, experiment, and explore, serving as a guide for those who wish to feel better in their heads, hearts and bodies.