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White Sharks 101 CEXTN37-202340 is a Course

White Sharks 101 CEXTN37-202340

Feb 21, 2023 - Mar 14, 2023

$120 Enroll

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Tuesdays, 2/21-3/14/2023, 6:00pm-8:00pm 
White Sharks 101

Location: Online

Instructor: Skyler Thomas

This infamous predator of the ocean is a resident of our California waters, but how much do you really know about the shark referred to around the world as Jaws? 

Of the 22 shark species he has filmed, Skyler Thomas has spent the most time white sharks.  Using personal footage from South Africa, Australia, Cape Cod, The Farallon Islands, and Isla Guadalupe students will learn the differences and similarities of white sharks across the globe while enjoying draw dropping and rarely seen images of white sharks. This 4 week course takes a deep look at the white shark from the perspective of first hand experience, covering basic concepts of biology to some of the lesser known details of this magnificent marine animal. 

Take this with companion workshop Purpose: Ecology Lessons from Sharks.

Workshops are taught online through Zoom and Canvas. Students will need a computer or smart phone with webcam and microphone, internet and web streaming capacity, and the Zoom application installed to their device.


Instructor Bio: Skyler Thomas has been combining the power of film with scientific principles to help humans better understand the organisms we share the planet with for 20 years. Using what is universally considered the most-feared animal, sharks provide a shocking example of how badly we misunderstand the behavior and purpose of other animals.Skyler is an Award-Winning Filmmaker, Public Speaker, California Certified Educator. He holds the follow degrees:

MFA - Digital Media
AS - Natural Science
BA - Natural Science
CLAD - Teaching Credential
Image credit: Skyler Thomas