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Purpose - Ecology Lessons from Sharks CEXTN45-202280 is a Course

Purpose - Ecology Lessons from Sharks CEXTN45-202280

Sep 13, 2022 - Sep 13, 2022

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Purpose - Ecology Lessons from Sharks

Tuesday, 9/13/2022, 6:00pm-7:00pm

Location: John Adams Campus, Room TBD

Instructor: Skyler Thomas

This workshop attempts to reconnect humans to the ecological roles of non-human organisms on this planet. Why do animals do what they do?  What is the benefit? What does this have to do with trophic levels and ecological balance?  What is our ecological role?Combining 20 years of shark diving experience with a Natural Science degree focused on wildlife ecology, Skyler Thomas delivers an entertaining way to learn about the different roles of animals on this planet. 

Primarily looking at sharks in different marine ecosystems across the globe, this course focuses on the physical characteristics of different shark species, where they live, and what they eat.  How does this relate to humans and what can we learn from it?

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Instructor Bio: Skyler Thomas has been combining the power of film with scientific principles to help humans better understand the organisms we share the planet with for 20 years. Using what is universally considered the most-feared animal, sharks provide a shocking example of how badly we misunderstand the behavior and purpose of other animals.Skyler is an Award-Winning Filmmaker, Public Speaker, California Certified Educator. He holds the follow degrees:

MFA - Digital Media
AS - Natural Science
BA - Natural Science
CLAD - Teaching Credential
Image credit: Skyler Thomas