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A Walk to the Tidepools CEXTN17-202440

Ended Feb 10, 2024

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A Walk to the Tidepools

Saturday, 2/10/2024, 3:00-6:00pm

1 in-person session

Location: Offsite/ Lands End

Instructor: Chris Giorni, "Mr. Science"

Let’s meet at the Lands End for a day of beach combing and vista viewing! We'll start our day at the museum and cafe situated above Sutro Baths at the far north end of Ocean Beach. To get us primed up for the day, I‘ll introduce you to two of my live rescued reptiles, Enigma the gopher snake and Scratch the Russian tortoise‚ and we'll take a look at some interesting artifacts like a harbor porpoise skull and a wolverine pelt.
Next, we will hike an easy mile over the Lands End trail to “Secret beach”, aka Mile Rock Beach, to go tide pooling and rock balancing. February 10th is the Lunar New Year and there will be an exceptionally low tide! We’ll shake tentacles with aggregating sea anemones, search for ochre sea stars, chase the white water as it rushes up the beach and scan the Golden gate for flocks of Western Brown pelicans gliding by in V formations.
Pack some snacks, fill your water bottle and wear some silly shoes because once you’re wet, you’re wet! The whole family is welcome!
Instructor bio:
Chris Giorni is a Zoologist, who has degrees in zoology and biology from UC Berkeley and San Francisco State. In 1999 he started a science education program called Tree Frog Treks out of his garage. Today, the program, which brings kids outdoors and delivers nature to classrooms, serves many Bay Area elementary schools and 25,000 children a year. He has taught California natural history and integrated science at University High School in San Francisco, Natural History and Biology at The College of Marin, and was an adjunct faculty member at the California Academy of Sciences. Chris believes in "Wild Science"; getting out into nature, slowing down to look, look, look again, listen, explore, and maybe get a bit dirty too. He loves frogs, body surfing, biking, tide pools and pizza. He lives and works in SF, is a father of three, Fritz the wonder dog and 100 rescued reptiles and amphibians.