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Cannabis leaf atop green design box in the grass Cannabis Business Administration Track Bundle CEXTN58-202180 is a Course

Cannabis Business Administration Track Bundle CEXTN58-202180

Aug 9 - Dec 15, 2021

$895 Enroll

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Cannabis Business Administration Track Bundle: all six Cannabis Business Administration classes 

Join us for Cannabis administration and business track this term. When you sign up for all 6 courses in the Cannabis track you'll receive a discount of $170! Enroll now and begin with Cannabis 101 on 8/16/2021.

Cannabis 101
Mondays, 8/16/2021- 9/13/2021, 5:30pm-8:30pm (no meeting on 9/6/2021- Labor Day)
Instructor: Tim Crowell

Join expert cultivator Tim Crowell for an overview of cannabis, with an inside perspective of the cannabis industry. If you're interested in learning more about cannabis, or to begin a career in this dynamic field, this workshop will inspire you! Obtain useful information needed to work in the cannabis industry and gain fresh perspective in this 4 session live workshop!
Cannabis 101 covers the political and cultural history of cannabis as well as current movements towards legalization. In the workshop, we will explore the properties of cannabis to ensure a basic understanding of the plant. The workshop will feature guest speakers from the cannabis industry that will provide a wide range of perspectives from those on the ground floor.
Tuesdays, 8/17-11/2/2021, 5:30-6:45pm
Instructors: Shay Gilmore and Lara DeCaro
This workshop will provide attendees with an overview of the tools needed to open and operate a cannabis facility. Join instructors Lara DeCaro and Shay Gilmore for practical discussions about the origin of cannabis policy and how those policies have shapes the rules now in effect. From identifying a location to anticipating contract terms to determining a tax strategy, participants will gain invaluable knowledge into the ups and downs of cannabis business.
Cannabis and Social Equity/Equity Status
Thursdays, 9/16-10/07/2021, 5:30pm-8:30pm
Instructor: Dominic Ripoli, Esq.

This 4 session workshop offers City of San Francisco Equity applicants the opportunity to examine cannabis as an equity issue. We will define equity and its relationship to cannabis, examine the criminalization of cannabis, the impact of cannabis regulations on communities of color, and the ways cities and legislators are working within the cannabis industry to repair the damage done by the “war on drugs.” This workshop will also give insight into the city of San Francisco’s cannabis equity program, with an overview of how to qualify and how to become an equity applicant. 

Cannabis- METRC
Thursdays, 10/14/2021-11/4/2021, 5:30pm-8:30pm 
Instructor: Eliza Espinoza

As states move into the era of legalization, compliance training in the cannabis industry is in high demand. In this 4 session workshop we will learn the ins and outs of the newly adopted track and trace compliance software METRC, as well as on site compliance protocols. Learn about the differences between local and state compliance, and working under current federal controls. Specific attention will be paid to the skills and knowledge needed to establish your business and navigate current regulations. 

Cannabis - Build Your Brand
Monday, 11/01/2021-11/29/2021, 5:30pm-8:30pm 
Instructor: Bianca Starr

Launching and marketing a brand in the complex, highly regulated, and rapidly changing cannabis industry can be daunting. Come learn how to get started as City Extension provides a practical guide to the fast-growing cannabis marketplace. Industry leaders will lead strategic discussions on the challenges and opportunities and provide tips that you can immediately use to conduct market research, position a brand, leverage social media in an increasingly crowded field. 5 sessions. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11/30-12/14/2021, time TBD
Instructor: Staff
**more information coming soon!