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Computer screen with graphs and numbers How to Pick Stock and Bond Mutual Funds CEXTN30-202280 is a Course

How to Pick Stock and Bond Mutual Funds CEXTN30-202280

Oct 19, 2022 - Oct 26, 2022

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How to Pick Stock and Bond Mutual Funds

Wednesdays, 10/19 and 10/26/2022, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Location: John Adams Campus, Room TBD

Instructor: Mike Walsh

Join us for this 2 week workshop designed to provide an introduction to investments and investing - no prior inventing knowledge is required. The primary focus of this workshop will be on Mutual Funds. We will discuss exactly what a Mutual Fund is, how they are bought, sold and priced. We will also discuss the different sources of information that each Mutual Fund produces for investors to review. Stock and Bond Mutual Funds, specifically, will also be discussed - including the risk characteristics of different types of Stock and Bond Mutual Funds. Individual Stocks and Bonds will be explained so that Stock and Bond Mutual Funds can be fully understood. There will also be a section on the US Economy which will explain how it can impact the value of our investments. After attending this workshop you should have a fundamental understanding of Mutual Funds. 

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