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Hands hold a pen and book titled Creatively Untangle Your Ideas Next Steps Creatively Untangle Your Ideas: Next Steps CEXTN49-202180 is a Course

Creatively Untangle Your Ideas: Next Steps CEXTN49-202180

Sep 9 - Sep 10, 2021

$40 Enroll

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Thursday, 9/9/2021 6:30-8:30pm

Instructor: Tyese Cooper

With the help of some fun and perhaps unusual exercises, you’ll easily clarify your ideas for a personal or professional project in an unexpected way. This follow-up workshop from Part 1 takes you from “Clarifying your ideas” to answering the ‘how’ about your ideas. Be your own coach by learning a creative thinking process that gives concentrated feedback and details about your next steps. Feel free to take this workshop without Part 1.

Come with an open mind, curiosity, lots of paper, a pencil, colored highlighters

This workshop meets in-person at JEAJA design studio in Downtown Oakland. 

What people have said about these workshops:
“Wow I have to say this experience is fantastic even it's online! Tyese is a very wise and creative person and full of positive energy. The approach she taught me has helped me think the problem in a different way. I'd say if you have a question wondering in your mind, this class is for you. You'll get so much clarity than you thought. She is your genie. I think I'll take more sessions with Tyese. Thank you!” - Sophie, China  

“I appreciate the amount of personalization Tyese brought to this experience. Tyese was wonderful to connect with and taught me a process I was able to apply immediately not only to the business idea I brought to the class, but also to other topics I needed to clarify during the week. It was a great experience spending an afternoon in Paris with a designer learning new ways to design ideas.” -Elizabeth, USA