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Black and white line drawing by Ronne Mariah of a pineapple. Tabletop drawing for Beginners: The Versatile Line CEXTN34-202240 is a Course

Tabletop drawing for Beginners: The Versatile Line CEXTN34-202240

Jan 29 - Mar 6, 2022

$160 Enroll

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Saturday, 1/29-3/5/2022, 9:30am-12:00pm (no meeting on 2/19)

Instructor Linda Hope

Line can be used in the development of a drawing in a multitude of ways: from the straight-forward definition of edge; the description of surface form; the form's movement in space; and these relationships to the appearance of shadows. This workshop, designed for absolute beginners, uses simple objects and guided and timed exercises with line to capture the essence of shape, form and value through observational and responsive drawing. While designed for anyone who has never drawn before, or who thinks they cannot draw, all levels are welcome to revisit the many uses and application of line.

Workshops are taught online through Zoom and Canvas. Students will need a computer or smart phone with webcam and microphone, internet and web streaming capacity, and the Zoom application installed to their device. A device to capture images (digital camera, smart phone, or tablet, etc.) is helpful, but not required.

Image credit: Ronne Mariah

Materials List


· 2B, 4B, 6B Graphite Drawing Pencils

· General “Sketching” or Ebony Graphite Drawing Pencil

· Medium (4B) and Soft (6B) Charcoal Pencils

· Ball point pen (cheap Bics are fine)

· Micron Marker or Pitt Artist Pen (.25 mm – .5 mm)

· Small pencil sharpener

· 9 x 12” or 11 x 14” Sketch Book with 50-65 lb. paper. The heavier the paper, the more durable the surface will be.