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cut, layered, drawn leaves of every color bundled together Material Processes in Sculptural Drawing CEXTN07-202240 is a Course

Material Processes in Sculptural Drawing CEXTN07-202240

Feb 22 - Mar 23, 2022

$130 Enroll

Full course description

Tuesdays, 2/22/2022-3/22/2022, 4:00-6:00pm

Instructor: Joyce Nojima

Sculptural drawing is a 5-day workshop meeting outdoors! We’ll dig into the materials and textures of drawing, emphasizing tactility, surface and dimensionality. Students will explore different methods of drawing that go beyond the conventions of pencil to paper, such as surface rubbings that explore texture (frottage), grattage- an additive and subtractive process of creating surfaces to incise and scrape, delivering surprising results, and chigiri-e, or a torn color paper inlaid into a panel or paper surface. The instructor will begin every class with a demonstration of different techniques. By engaging mark making, materials, process, and exploration, students can invigorate and re-discover drawing. This workshop creates a broad foundation for further drawing explorations. All levels welcome- no previous experience required!

We will meet in San Francisco, outdoor locations to be announced.


Materials list:

Pencil *($1.00)
Vine Charcoal sticks *($9.52)
Plastic eraser (recommended: Staedtler) *($4.98)
Scissors *($5.29)
X-acto knife *($5.99)
Straightedge Ruler *($4.73)
Needle/thread (any small patch kit works too) *($3.99)
Glue stick *($1.62) Masking or scotch tape *($1.70)
White printer paper 8.5 x 11inches *($7.45)
Watercolor paper pad 9 x 12 inches, minimum 140lb *($11.99)

*Estimated cost
**All materials are available online or at any art supply store, such as Blick Art Materials, Artist & Craftsman Supply, JoAnn's, and Michael's. Many of the office supply materials are available at Office Depot.