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Autumn colored leaf and drawing of autumn leaf with color pencils and eyeglasses Drawing with Color Pencil: Layering and Blending CEXTN06-202180 is a Course

Drawing with Color Pencil: Layering and Blending CEXTN06-202180

Sep 14 - Oct 13, 2021

$160 Enroll

Full course description

Tuesdays, 9/14-10/12/2021, 6pm-8pm, with optional Engagement Lab 8-8:30pm

Instructor: Anthony Ryan

Color pencil can be used to create incredibly vibrant, layered and textured color drawings. This workshop will teach layering and blending of color pencils with an emphasis on rendering from primarily photographic sources. The workshop will walk you through the process of building a complex, color composition starting with image transfer and underdrawing, blocking in values and layering primary, secondary and other colors, finally employing various blending and mark-making techniques to create a deep, layered surface.

Each week's session will consist of a 90 minute participatory live Zoom session (that will be recorded and archived for student use). Each week at the close of the synchronous session the instructor will post a 30 minute lecture or recorded demonstration addressing the next week session's subject that can be viewed on the students' time before the following week's synchronous session. Slideshows and reference images and other resources will also be posted for class use.

Workshops are taught online through Zoom and Canvas. Students will need a computer or smart phone with webcam and microphone, internet and web streaming capacity, and the Zoom application installed to their device. A device to capture images (digital camera, smart phone, or tablet, etc.) is helpful, but not required.

Materials List:

-Colored Pencils or "art stix" (Prismacolor or equivalent recommended): Black, White, Process Blue (cyan), Light Yellow, Process Red (Magenta), Orange, Violet, Green, dark blue (purchase individually or a set that includes these or similar colors and others)

-Accessories: Colorless blender pencil or marker, sharpener (manual or electric), tortillions (rolled paper smudge sticks), white eraser

-Other materials Tissue paper, Qtips, denatured alcohol, straight edge razor blades or x-acto knife, straight edge

-Paper Recommended: Stonehenge by Legion -white, grey or other light neutral, one to two sheets (22" by 30" inches)

*most if not all these items should be available online or at your local art supply store for about $50 total