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photograph on left of Japanese woman applying theatrical makeup with painted color swatches painted on paper adjacent Drawing and Painting workshop: Depicting the World Around You CEXTN17-202180 is a Course

Drawing and Painting workshop: Depicting the World Around You CEXTN17-202180

Sep 18 - Oct 17, 2021

$195 Enroll

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Saturdays, 9/18-10/16/2021, 9:00am-12:00pm

Instructor: Joyce Nojima

Meet us outdoors for this 5-day workshop! Students will learn the fundamentals of composition, perspective and lighting and apply that to paintings done in a sketchbook. Our visual renderings will be done quickly with a focus on improving fundamental painting skills and confidence. Workshops will begin with a live demo, followed with time dedicated towards practicing these methods and to answer any individual questions. No previous painting and drawing experience are required.

Bring warm clothes, sunblock and water and be inspired by our beautiful city.

Materials List:

Watercolor Paint Tubes (You might find all these colors in a premade set ie : Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Painting Plus Set for $34.69): - burnt umber - cadmium yellow - cadmium red - yellow ochre - alizarin crimson - cerulean blue - viridian - prussian blue - titanium white

Brushes (Soft nylon, sable or any that is specifically for watercolor): - #16 or higher Pointed Round ($15.07) - #4 or smaller Round (This is often included in watercolor sets) ($9.29)

Dry Materials: Pencil ($0.10) Kneaded eraser ($1.15) Plastic eraser (recommended: Staedtler) ($2.29) Straight edge ruler ($3.59)

Surfaces: - A watercolor art journal or sketchbook with heavy weighted paper no less than 80lbs. Choose a size that you will be comfortable holding in your lap but no smaller than 6” x 8”. ($20.00)

Misc: - If the watercolor paint set does not have a palette then you will need a plastic palette like Mijello Airtight watercolor palette ($9.10) - Rags or paper towels ($1.19) - (1) Cup or jar to hold water - (1) Roll of masking or painter’s tape ($3.63)