Abstract Landscapes CEXTN008-202360

Ended Jul 20, 2023

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Full course description

Thursdays, 7/6-7/20/2023, 5:30pm-7:00pm 


Instructor: Michelle Champlin

Come explore vast landscapes and abstraction through painting and drawing in this fun, playful, relaxed series. In this class we will take inspiration from and discuss abstract landscape art by a variety of artists. We will also look at striking images of beautiful nature scenes in our process of creating unique abstract landscapes using basic watercolor painting and drawing techniques. On our journey we will experiment with some of the elements and principles of art, such as; shape, line, value, and balance. You get to be the orchestrator here. There is no right or wrong in this class and no experience is necessary. This class will be taught online through zoom.


Basic sketch paper 

Watercolor paper 

Watercolor paint 

A few various size paint brushes (and at least one flat paint brush) 

Regular no. 2 pencil

Colored pencils 


Pencil sharpener  

*Feel free to use additional materials if you wish!!


Instructor bio:
Michelle (Shelley) Champlin is a professional teaching artist, compassionate facilitator, and intuitive living in Oakland California. Her passion lies in bringing opportunities for education, creative growth, and self-expression to the community‚ as well as creating space for people to contemplate and honor their experience. She also loves facilitating art-making experiences that allow folks opportunities to connect with themselves and their intuition/what feels right to them. Her background includes working with a variety of populations including; professional adults, children, teens, retirees, LGBTQ youth, and adults and youth who experience developmental disabilities. Earning her Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Inquiry, Interdisciplinary Arts with a visual arts emphasis at the California Institute of Integral Studies provided her time, space, and resources to delve deeply into her own truth, perspective, and process, both as an individual and as an artist‚ an experience that informs her work every day.

Image credit: Michelle Champlin