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Mythology & Place: Artistic Inspiration in Umbria CEXTN001-202560

May 31, 2025 - Jun 10, 2025

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Mythology & Place: Artistic Inspiration in Umbria
Dates: May 31- June 10, 2025
Through observation and storytelling, including field trips and visits to local towns and markets, we'll develop a personal series of pictures from Umbria and Italy. Students will create drawings, paintings, and mixed-media pieces inspired by the archetypes, icons, and legends of Italian life. We'll explore the colors and symbols in historic art and architecture that underpin the richness of Italian mythologies. Every day, students will learn new techniques from instructor demonstrations, including how to develop and mix a color palette based on the Umbrian landscape, developing personal sketches and compositions onsite and translating these to larger pictures in studio. You'll have time for your own studio focus, receive individual feedback, and participate in casual discussions about contemporary interpretations of Umbrian themes. 
An important part of this workshop incorporates day trips, as we follow ancient paths from the Roman empire, to Medieval architecture, to Renaissance painting, and to the present moment. Exploring "the Green Heart of Italy, we'll visit unique local towns and discover the famous Umbrian light. Possible destinations include Assisi, Perugia, Orvieto, and Bevagna; where artisans carry on centuries of traditional crafts like handmade paper, ironwork, fabrics and ceramics. We'll be inspired in our plein-air sketches of towns and fields, using mixed media and water-based materials.
Optional evening activities may include: an Aperitivo time / social gathering with wine and cheese, casual group critique sessions, slide shows, and opportunities for students present their work. And the studio is open 24 hours a day.
All basic materials are included in the cost of the workshop, and the instructor will share a list of optional materials upon registration. Painting materials are water-based and the instructor will discuss material properties. 
Robert says: "As an Italian American painter from the Bay Area who has been living in Italy for several years, I'm thrilled to invite students to see Italy from my perspective. Together we'll explore historic towns, ancient landscapes, and our personal expression through making art. This workshop isn't just about painting; it's about experiencing Italy in a way that will enrich your art and your life."