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TR200B Attachment and Trauma TIVE04-202140 is a Course

TR200B Attachment and Trauma TIVE04-202140

Time limit: 1 day

Spots remaining: 10


Full course description

Providers need to know how to work with significant amounts of trauma because it is all around us and affects all of us. Discuss the importance of understanding child abuse and trauma; its effects on attachments; and how unhealthy attachments affect our therapeutic relationship and work with youth and their families. Study research on its relevance and how to work with it. Learn what is considered a traumatic event; what events are commonly overlooked; how to diagnose and understand underlying PTSD issues; the effects of trauma on youth, their brain, ability to learn; and trauma’s effects on behavior, including the emotional, physical, and long term symptoms. Explore strength-based techniques and how to engage, facilitate, and empower our youth and families to facilitate change. Review self-awareness and self-care to avoid experiencing vicarious trauma. Students earn 6 CEU's at successful completion of this training.

Instructor: Natalia Estassi, Psy.D.

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