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SW780K Boundaries, Secondary Trauma, and Self Care 6 CEU's TIVE17-202180 is a Course

SW780K Boundaries, Secondary Trauma, and Self Care 6 CEU's TIVE17-202180

Time limit: 1 day


Full course description

Instructor: Paul Gibson, LCSW Thursday, November 11, 2021 9 AM - 4 PM

Location: Online via Zoom


Working with youth and families in child welfare and the juvenile justice system can be stressful; it is important for us to understand how this impacts us on a personal level and be active in taking care of ourselves. We will examine the importance of maintaining boundaries and self-care for youth

service providers in staying effective as helping professionals and maintaining our personal well-being. Personal issues are discussed that impact our work including emotional boundaries, the zone of involvement, client transference, and staff counter-transference. We will also review ethical practice issues and guidelines for professional helping relationships.

Secondary traumatic stress experienced by youth service providers is described including the symptoms and effects of secondary trauma and skills for managing secondary traumatic stress. Self-care practices during COVID 19 will be reviewed. We will explore the stress response cycle, signs of stress, and coping skills for managing stress. Stress reduction techniques will be provided including relaxation methods, social support, time management, assertive communication, changing negative beliefs, positive self-talk, & healthy life styles. We will develop a personal care plan at the end of class.

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