SW385E Strength-Based Diagnosis with Youth in our Continuum of Care: What the heck is this and how do I do it? 6 CEU's TIVE13-202340

Ended May 4, 2023

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Instructor: Pamela Parkinson, PhD, LCSW

Strength-based, strength-based, strength-based! Wow, this seems to be an important mantra in our field! This is NOT a training on how to use the DSM 5 and, since all of us diagnose in our own ways, I hope that anyone working with youth and their families will attend (this is not only for clinicians)!

This training is about how we can remain strength-based when we have to use pathologizing and stigmatizing labels in order to get paid. While I hope that we are all advocating (in our own ways) for important changes in our field that will allow us to be more strength-based and client-directed, what do we do NOW?

This training is meant to help us see the difference between DSM disorders and actual diagnosis and how they go together; the significant importance of diagnosis and how we can do it; and, ways that we can decrease the negativity of labels on our clients and still get paid! If we can get better at this, it will be a win-win for our clients and our organizations with better outcomes that can come through allowing our diagnoses to guide our treatment/service delivery to our youth in our continuum of care!