CD140i Child Development: Infant & Child Mental Health 6 CEUs TIVE001-202480

Sep 12, 2024 - Sep 12, 2024

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Cl# CD140i Child Development: Infant & Child Mental Health   6 CEUs
Instructor: Natalia Estassi Psy.D.
Thursday, September 12, 2024; 9 AM – 4 PM
Location: Online via Zoom
Mental health is an essential part of children's overall health. There is a complex interactive relationship with their physical health and their ability to succeed in school, at work and in society. Both physical and mental health affect how we think, feel and act on the inside and outside. It is estimated that over 15 million of our nation's young people can currently be diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Many more are at risk of developing a disorder due to risk factors in their biology or genetics; within their families, schools, and communities; and among their peers. There is a great need for mental health professionals to provide the best available care based on scientific evidence, good clinical expertise, and that takes into account the unique characteristics of the infant, child or adolescent.
Contrary to common belief, infants and toddlers can suffer from mental health issues, and despite this are unlikely to receive treatment that could prevent long lasting developmental plans This class will discuss these issues and the importance of healthy attachments and the effects of trauma, resulting in mental health issues. Child Parent Psychotherapy, play, and art therapy and other ways to best work with children will be will be explored.